School to Career Resources

Seeking Employment
  • If you are looking for a job, make an appointment to meet with our Job Specialist whooffers one-on-one help finding a job: resume writing, interview practice, filling out job applications, and identifying local jobs.
Work Permit & Work Experience Credit
  • After you are hired at your new place of employment, download this  Work Permit Application, complete it, and return it to your employer for their signature.
  • Then turn-in the form to your teacher, who will have our work experience coordinator create an official work permit for you to submit  to your employer.
  • Ask your teacher about how to earn credit for your work experience.
RoadMaps Career Education Course Resources

Sample Letter of Introduction
Online Career Resources
Resume Guide
Resume Template
Work Values Interest Inventory
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Answering Interview Questions
Questions You Could Ask During Interview
Informational Interviews

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