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The maximum number of Cabrillo credits a student can transfer as a freshman UC applicant is ultimately up to each campus to decide what they would accept and what sort of limitations there would be on the transfer credits accepted by incoming Freshmen.

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University of California Application Center


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UC Freshman Admission Go over admission requirements, timelines, the application process, campus profiles of admitted freshmen and more. 

UC Admission Academic Planner Track courses, grades, exams, and activities. Write down the courses and exams you take and the grades and scores you receive each year. Also, record leadership activities, employment, awards, and anything you will later use in your college application and personal statement.

UC Transfer Admission Review admission requirements, major preparations paths, transfer student profiles by campus, the application process and more.

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CSUApply Create an account, explore majors, compare campuses, search transfer degrees from community colleges, and apply to CSU campuses. 

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Common App: Explore colleges, create your Common App Profile, and apply to colleges that accept the common application.


  • CEEB School Code: 050446 
  • SAT/SAT/Cal Grant: Santa Cruz Alternative Education Program 
  • Cabrillo College/CCC Apply: Santa Cruz County Community
  • FAFSA: Santa Cruz County Community
  • California State University: Santa Cruz Alternative
  • University of California: Santa Cruz Alternative
  • Common Application: Santa Cruz County Office of Education Alternative Education Program



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